Stock Inks

We stock the highest quality screen printing inks on the market.  We offer a wide range of different types of ink and different process.  Please reference a PMS matching book for a more accurate representation of the colors below.  If you can't find a stock ink ask us about Pantone Matching colors! PMS color matching costs $10.00 per color for projects fewer than 72 pieces. 

Vivus Stock Plastisol Inks.jpg

Plastisol Inks

Plastisol ink has a wide range of uses and works on any type of garment.  This is your typical screen printing ink and will have a rough hand feel although we do our best with various pre-press techniques to eliminate this slightly.  This ink lays on the top of the garment and has great vibrancy on all garments.

Vivus Stock  Discharge Waterbase screen Printing Inks.jpg

Waterbase/Discharge/HSA inks

This super soft ink soaks into the fibers of the garment instead of laying on top.  Some of these inks work best on garments made up of natural fibers.  This type of ink will have a soft hand feel.  Discharge inks remove the dye in the garment and replace it with the pigment in the ink that then dyes the garment with the logo you need printed.